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Conditions of Entry 2018
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Submissions must be In Context, original, site specific and of a high standard, both in presentation and in content. The work must not have been previously exhibited in Dublin.

Submissions must be made on the official downloadable sheets only. Information submitted using any other forms will NOT be accepted. Proposals should be typed and in A4 format.Entry Forms and proposals, together with the appropriate fee must reach Sculpture in Context, PO Box 10054, Dublin 16, on or before thursday 5th April 2016. Late submissions will not be accepted. Please note Submissions cannot be made on-line.

Artists will be notified by email. Please note that you will always be notified whether the work has been selected or not.


Up to 3 works may be submitted. Proposals must be accompanied by a fee of €12 if only one work is to be submitted, or a fee of €20 for more than one work. The fee is non-refundable.

Artists requiring the return of their written proposals should enclose an appropriately stamped, self-addressed envelope. Alternative arrangements can be made by email.
4. Proposals may be durable or time based artworks, including performance.

The submissions must convey the appearance of the proposed works. Photographs, and/or drawings of various aspects, for example, together with short (Typed A4) descriptions may be included. Please do not submit images on CD. Please also include 2 Photographs of previous work with your submission to help the selection process.
Submissions should be posted in an A4 envelope to the address indicated at Condition 1 above. Please note Maquettes will not be accepted.

The proposal must show that the works will be stable and secure and present no danger to people in their vicinity. If a work is unstable or dangerous after installation, or does not meet adequate health and safety requirements, the Committee will remove it.


The work may be free-standing or may be fixed to existing structures in such a way as to avoid any permanent intrusion. No work should be nailed to any of the trees in the gardens. Where the work requires a plinth (indoor works only) it will be provided..
9. All work must be removed after the exhibition and proposals must clearly show how this can be done without causing damage. Sculpture MUST NOT be collected before the end of the exhibition.

Commission. All work sold during, and as a result of the event is subject to commission. Please note new commission rates.

All work to the value of -
€1 - €5,000      20%
€5,000 - €10,000    15%
€10,000 - €15,000   10%
Work over €15,000   5%

Please ensure that the price you indicate in the entry form is correct and includes the relevant commission as this is the figure that will appear in the catalogue. Prices will not be changed once the catalogue goes to print. When calculating the selling price of a piece, artists should take into account the delivery costs if a work sells, this can be calculated separately or included in the sale price on the entry form. Artists will be responsible for the delivery of large pieces.


Transport of works to and from the Botanic Gardens is the artist's responsibility and work not removed on time may be disposed of.

12. Proposals may indicate preferred locations but the selection committee/site coordinator may allocate alternative locations. See Venue Site Map. Smaller indoor pieces will be located in the gallery space in the Visitors Centre on the 1st floor.

Installation and removal of Works

Please bring whatever tools you will need for the installation with you, for example ladders, drills and spades.

Please note dates for installation and removal of large pieces requiring lifting equipment or assistance.

Installation of work at the National Botanic Gardens will take place on the following dates: 1st September 2016 (Thursday) between 9.30am and 4pm, (Large works can be installed only on this day) or 3rd September 2016 (Saturday) between 10am and 4pm. Sculpture must be installed only on these dates and will not be accepted later. 

No installation should take place until the site is approved by the Botanic Gardens Management and the method of fixing is discussed with a member of the Committee.

Work must be removed on the following dates: 22nd October 2016 (Saturday) between 10am and 4pm, or 24th October 2016 (Monday) between 9.30am and 4pm. (Large works can be removed on this day only).

14. Siting will be under the control of a site coordinator who will liaise with the Botanic Gardens Management. Their decisions in these matters will be final.
15. It is a condition of exhibiting that each artist maintains their sculpture in a presentable condition throughout the exhibition. This includes the repair of any minor damage to the sculpture.
16. The Artist licences the Committee to photograph works for publicity purposes in relation to the exhibition.
17. By signing the entry form artists authorise Sculpture in Context Committee members to move their sculpture or remove it from the site for any reason, including but not limited to public safety, damage or potential damage to the sculpture or for the cohesive curation of the exhibition.
18. Any enquiries regarding the exhibition and/or siting should be directed to Sculpture in Context Committee members, and not to the National Botanic Gardens staff - see Contact Details for a list of telephone numbers.
19. The utmost care will be taken of all works submitted for exhibition, but neither the Botanic Gardens Management, nor the Organising Committee will be responsible for any damage, loss of, or destruction to, any works for any reason whatsoever. Any insurance should therefore be effected by the artist against all risks.
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