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2013 Four Seasons Hotel
Sculpture in the Arboretum


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Sculpture in the Arboretum
Farmleigh Symposium 2005





Sculpture In Context 2008

at the National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin 9.
from 4th September to 17th October 2008

Sculpture in Context celebrates its seventh year at the magnificent setting of the National Botanic Gardens. This unique sculpture exhibition will showcase Ireland’s finest sculpture by leading Irish and international artists. The sculptures will be displayed throughout the gardens, ponds, Palm House and Curvilinear Range, and the smaller works will be exhibited in the gallery above the visitors’ centre. 

The Mill Cove Gallery (Castletownbere) and the Hallward Gallery Award for a work of distinction in any medium was awarded to Richard Healy for Bulb. The amount of the award was €1,500 with the opportunity of a solo exhibition in 2009/2010 at the Hallward, Merrion Square, or Mill Cove Gallery, Mill Cove House West Cork.

The Winner of the CAST Ltd 2008 Award for a work of distinction in any medium was Con Gent for Journey.

The three Sculpture in Context Awards for large outdoor works of distinction in any medium were awarded to:

John Dunn for The Toll Bridge
Laura Fitzgerald for Who we Were
James Bradley for I have been in Many Shapes Before I attained a Congenial Form

The award for the most popular sculpture voted by the public was won by Gyr Penn, for Aliens.

The Selectors for this year's exhibition were: John Brennan, Noel Hoare and Hester Levinge-Scott.

James Bradley
Sculpture in Context Award Winner
I have been in Many Shapes before I attained a Congenial Form
120 x 34 x 11

Richard Healy
Winner of the Mill Cove Gallery (Castletownbere)
and the Hallward Gallery
Award for a work of
distinction in any medium.
Kilkenny Limestone
60 x 30 x 30

Eamonn O'Doherty
Things Fall Apart
Bronze, Brass, Granite
350cm high

Naomi Jobson
180 x 90 x 90


Ken Drew
A Machine for Viewing
Stainless Steel, Carbonised Wood
195 x 145 x 49

Blaithin Lennon
Still Moving


Caroline schofield
Reflected Growth

Alan Magee


David Callan
The Urban Degeneration Scheme's Patented Four-Way Leaning Post
98 x 90 x 90


Lucy Jones
The Social Chariot
Cast Iron
200 x 200 x 200


Michael Foley
Stainless Steel, Granite
140 x 60 x 60

Greg Lynch
Black Rat
160 x 60 x 60


Michelle Maher
The Dahlia: Loud and Proud
Ceramic, Concrete, Metal
150 x 80 x 80

Mel French
Fibreglass, Patina


Frances Lambe
Mermaid's Wine Glasses
Ceramic, Wood, Metal
60 x 600 x 600
Leo Higgins
Winter Bird
152 x 51 x 25

Bozena Chandogová
The Arch
50 x 110


Ger Garland
Tree Pose
Bronze, Stone
19 x 12 x 7


Tanya Elliott Nyegaard
In Flight
244 x 140

Paul Fallon
Cob Dog
Mixed Media
35 x 80 x 60


Saffron Thomas
Toad Flax Seed
Kilkenny Limestone
75 x 60 x 60

Richard Healy
Limestone Lilly
Kilkenny Limestone
20 x 60 x 60


Noel Hoare
Fit for a King
132 x 25 x 45
Katy Goodhue
Ferro Concrete
175 x 60 x 40

Nasser Azam (UK)
Sepian Blue
152 x 122 x 60


Johan Zirk Boshoff
Our Tacky-Tat Hybrids are Todays Last-Forever Must Haves (seefill products 2008)
Mixed Media
150 x 100 x 90


Werner Groll
The Dragonfly Tree
180 x 80 x 210

Innokentiy Sharkov
Crossroads of Serenity
Bricks, Ceramic
50 x 300 x 500


Beatrice Stewart
Protected Environment: Protected Species
Ground Limestone, Cement
90 x 70 x 60

Catherine E Greene
Celestial Mapmaker
Bronze, Limestone
180 x 30 x 50


Aisling Cook
Rian Dúlra
Glass (Crystal)
25.5 x 25.5 x 1

Gill King (Wales)
Five Fossill Forms
Wire, Tubular Stockinette, PVA


Susan Cuffe
Dancing Sea Bass
Copper Wire, Glass
180 x 100 x 80

Ciara Gavin
150 x 90 x 90


Mike Duhan
Lady in a Striking Pose
132 x 51

Pili Duncan
Mixed Media


Marie Keane & Joyce Dunne
Tree of Doors
Music, Performance, Sculpture

Linda O'Neill
In Rememerance of
Mixed Media
120 x 140 x 140


James Bradley

Lucinda Jacob
Handle with Care
Mixed Media
56 x 10 x 10 each


James Bradley
The Uglification of Beauty
115 x 68 x 40


Katherine Sankey
Mixed Media
3m x 4m x 3m
Gretta Falvey
Tree Cosy
120 x 18 x 18

Participating Artists

Alan Ardiff Nasser Azam (UK) Jackie Ball
Richard Baronio (USA) Johan Zirk Boshoff Grainne Brady
Jenny Brady James Bradley Marie Brett
Maureen Bushe Brian Byrne Catherine Byrne
Edmond Byrne David Callan Emanuela Camacci (Italy)
Bozena Chandogová Daria Chapkovskaya (Russia) Ian Clotworthy
Aisling cook Brigid Corcoran Susan Cuffe
Cliodna Cussen Lauren Devine Ann Dillon
Ken Drew Mike Duhan Ana Duncan
Pili Duncan John Dunn Tanya Elliott Nyegaard
Paul Fallon Gretta Falvey Laura Fitzgerald
Michael Foley Robert Frazier Mel French
Alva Gallagher James Gannon Ger Garland
Ciara Gavin Con Gent Patrick Gillis
Katy Goodhue Catherine E Greene Werner Groll
Helen Grove-White Michele Hannan Claire Hawkins
Richard Healy Leo Higgins Noel Hoare
Joe Hogan Petr Holecek Donna Jacob
Lucinda Jacob Naomi Jobson Lucy Jones
Alison Kay Marie Keane and Joyce Dunne Gill King (Wales)
James P Kinsella Frances Lambe Sonja Landweer
Blaithin Lennon Hester Levinge-Scott Brian Lynch
Greg Lynch Maura Lynch Mary Mackey
Alan Magee Michelle Maher Fidelma Massey
Kirsty McGhie & Nanette Ledwith Stuart McGrath Cynthia Moran Killeavy
Fiona Murphy Katie Murtagh Eleonore Nicolas
Brid Ni Rinn Eamonn O'Doherty Marian O'Donnell
Brian O'Loughlin Linda O'Neill

Willie Page

Debbie Paul Caroline Peare Gyr Penn
Isabelle Peyrat Bob Quinn Noreen Ramsay
Beverly Ranger Neil C Read

Deirdre Rogers

Katherine Sankey Caroline Schofield Alex Scott
Brigitta Seck Innokentiy Sharkov Anna Spearman
Tamsyn Speight Kathleen Standen Beatrice Stewart
Saffron Thomas John M. Weidman (USA)  
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