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2013 Four Seasons Hotel
Sculpture in the Arboretum


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Sculpture in the Arboretum
Farmleigh Symposium 2005





Sculpture in Context 2005

National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin 9
8 September to 28 October 2005

Sculpture in Context returns this year to the National Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin. The artists have responded to the natural and architectural landscape of the gardens to create site-specific works. This interaction is the essence of what this exhibition, now in its twenty-first year, is all about.This year almost ninety artists from throughout Ireland and abroad are represented. The wide and evolving range of materials, methods and ideas reflect the unlimited creative imagination of mankind in our attempt to interpret our environment.

The diversity of work on show can at times challenge the viewer, engaging him or her in a mental dialogue with the artist on the nature and meaning of the work. Such is the scale of the exhibition that perhaps the greatest challenge to the visitor is to see all one hundred and fourteen works, while enjoying the many diversions offered by this beautiful location.

Juliette Cadogan was awarded the Sculpture in Context Award for an Interpretative Work.The Winner of the CAST Ltd 2005 Award for a work of distinction in any medium was Brigitta Seck.

The four Sculpture in Context Awards for large outdoor works of distinction were made to:
Ger Clancy, Adam May, Kaija Poijula and Killian Schurman.

An additional award was presented at the end of the exhibition for the most popular sculpture voted by the public, this award was won by Nina Tanis for Xylotree (Mixed Media).


Diarmuid Gavin opens Sculpture in Context 2005 (Background from left Ken Drew and Beatrice Stewart)
Title: Log Place
Artist: Ger Clancy
350 x 350 x 350cm
(Wood, Steel)

Title: Log Place
Artist: Ger Clancy
View from interior of installation

Title: Generic Flower
Artist: Odette McEvoy
4M high (Metal)

Title: Al Fresco
Artist: Pili Duncan
77 x 64 x 140cm
(Mixed Media)

Title: Darwins Shelf
Artist: Charlie Easterfield
30 x 35 x 34cm
(Yew on Ancient Elm)

Title: Palm Leaves (Triptych)
Artist: Catherine Byrne
29 x 35 x 6cm
(Transluscent Alabaster)

Title: Aurora
Artist: Ana Duncan
110 x 110 x 50cm
(Reinforced Concrete)

Title: Greenhouse Gasses
Artist: Beatrice Stewart
(Glass Installation)

Title: Conglomerate
Artist: Henry Pim
35 x 38 x 15cm
(Paper Clay, Mixed Media)

Title: Conglomerate
Artist: Henry Pim
(Paper Clay, Mixed Media)

Title: Requiem for a Tree
Artists: Linda Grant, Theresa Burke, Frances Mezzetti
(Performance on opening night, Video during the exhibition)

Title: Webs
Artist: Marianne Schmidt
(Mixed Media)

Title: Floating Petals
Artist Killian Schurmann
70 x 70

Title: Sunday Mornings
Artist: James Gannon
55 x 54 x 75cm
(Marble, Limestone)

Title: Birth of a Beech
Artist: Ken Drew
55 x 54 x 75cm

Artist Jonathan MacAuley installing his sculpture
Title: Return of the Triffids
195 x 70 x 70cm
(Steel, Stone)

Title: Please Touch this Sculpture
Artist: Adam May
170 x 150 x 150cm
Title: Family
Artist: Liam O'Neill
150 x 54 x 54cm
Title: Rainstudy
Artist: Kaija Poijula
105 x 120cm
(Mixed Media)


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