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2013 Four Seasons Hotel
Sculpture in the Arboretum


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Sculpture in the Arboretum
Farmleigh Symposium 2005





Sculpture in Context 2003

Sculpture in Context 2003 was held in the National Botanic Gardens.

Gáirdín na Lus
Anois agus an Fómhar tagaithe i nGáirdín na Lus tá na dealbhóirí ag cruinniú le chéile ar nós na druideanna, chun a saothar, a smaointí, is a samhlaíocht a thaispeáint do phobal na h-Éireann.

Daoine iad na dealbhóirí a thaithníonn áiteanna rúnda leo. Cíonn siad samhlacha i measc na gcrann nach bhfeiceann gach duine. They observe fleetingly the shadows cast by leaves that suggest a presence. They analyse the lush exuberance of the tropical plants, the spare geometry of the cacti.

The sculptors' fraternity are those with the x-ray eyes who often see everything that is wrong too clearly. Here in this layered garden they take on an affirmative mode and respond to the beauty created by generations of dedicated gardeners.

Nature speaks to artists and sculptors here and never more so than now when we are besieged at every turn by warnings of the imminent destruction of biodiversity.

To make work for this magic garden the sculptors of Ireland have extended themselves. All sorts of twists and turns of originality have been created. The staff of the gardens with their openness and fíor caoin fáilte have aided and abetted in this, making the sculptors feel wanted, bringing out the best in them.

This year again it is hoped that people come and visit with their eyes wide open to notice for themselves the enchantment of half-hidden sculpture, to get the feeling of oneness with an energy bigger than themselves.

'S muidne,
Ar ár suaimhneas
Ag dáileadh na dtorthaí
b'aibí ar a chéile,
Ceann ar cheann.... '
(Colette Ní Ghallchóir)

Cliodna Cussen

Artist: Jane Edden
Title: Stick Insect (Berbris)
Stick Insect (Euonymus Alatus)
Mixed Media, mechanical construction in glass case
120cm high
Artist: Beatrice Stewart
Title: House Plant. Series A
(Plaster Polymer Modified)
33cm high
Artist: Ana Duncan
Title: Turner Snail
25cm high
  Artist: Linda Brunker
Title: Magnolia
100cm high
Artist: Maria Casey
Title: Plastic Evolution Part II
Plastic and Sound Installation
Artist: Marie Foley
Title: Horn of Plenty
(Yew, Metal)
14 x 22cm
Artist: Elaine Griffin
Title: Trapping Nest Series
(Cast Glass)
30cm high
Artist: Anna Linnane
Title: Council of Crows
183cm high
Artist: Saffron Thomas
Title: Coenicarpia
(Kilkenny Limestone)
100cm high
Artist: Edmond Byrne
Hand Blown Glass
100cm high approx.

Artist: Seamus Dunbar
Title: Cleave
(Stone, Wood)
2m high

Artist: Ken Drew
Title: Ash Seed Form
(Ash, Steel, Copper)
2m high

Artist: Niamh Garvey
Title: 20 Figurative Sculptures
Artist: Fidelma Massey
Title: Standing Trees
117cm high
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